 After working for 8 years in the Microsoft BI space, I have moved onto Microsoft Power BI. This will be my primary focus for the foreseeable future.
 I have successfully completed and rolled out a Power BI Proof of Concept for Financial Management Reporting at Hastings Deering. As well as successful Power BI reports and dashboards.
 Past working experience in Business Intelligence (BI), working on large, complex end to end BI solutions for customers.
 Currently providing technical details and assistance for new and existing BI projects, as well as working on a daily basis within the BI Space.
 Extremely competent in the technical, conceptual and delivery of an end to end BI solution.

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    • Hi there.

      If I understand your question, you want to know how to schedule the SSIS package?

      If so, you deploy your SSIS project to your SSIS SQL Server Instance.

      You then go into your SQL Server Agent, and create a new job. When you are configuring your jobs, you then select the Source as SSIS, and then select your SSIS package from your project.

      Also when configuring your job, you can then configure how often you want to run the job, which in turn will then run your SSIS package.

      If I am unclear or got any questions please let me know.


  1. Hello, first I have to say very nice Blog do you made here.
    A lot of usefull information. But im searching for a very specific problem and I dont find any solution so far.

    So my Problem is, I have a PIVOT Table in Excel which gets Data from an SSAS Cube. Now I want to enter planing amounts for the next year. I can use writebacktables for that but is there any way that I can write the amount from the “planing” into the “is” data type or from “planing 2014” to “planing 2015” with just one click?

    I just need a way to copy data from the cube into the cube.

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the comments.

      With regards to your requirement, would it not be best if you wanted to copy data from cube to cube, to just use the underlying data warehouse and copy the initial values from “Planning 2014” to “Planning 2015”. Then once that is done you can then use the writeback to get the users to update their 2015 figures?

      I hope that it helps.

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